Everyday Dreams 

Any roadhouse, any gathering ground 
Any highway. Any town. 
Work week is up folks lay there burdens down 
If it’s happening, it’s happening there,  where the 
promises fill the glasses and the lies fill the air. 
You know it’s the same way all the world round.

Everyone laughs, everyone screams, everyone bleeds and everyone dreams . Keeping our balance, 
while that pendulum swings .  Holding on to our everyday dreams 

Annie over there, tending bar, 
she is  a tie dyed dancer and a 60s child. 
She says times may change but they just won’t change me. 
There are times on a Friday night when 
The local boys in the corner they play one just right.
She releases that bar and she recaptures her light. 
Ancient moon over high plains. Star light fades and daylight gains. 
We all need some shelter when times get strange and they can get strange. 
We need each other, you know it’s true. 
We need each other like the wild things do. 
We need each other to make our dreams come true. Yes we do.

Northern Boy 

Born one morn in those Ohio hills, 
I’ve been a tinker and a grinder with my granddaddy’s will. 
Becky’s hand knit sweater, Buds wing tip shoes ,
Motown found in my Irish blues. 
Summertimes we would gather on the porch at Lake James 
Water skiing volleyball playing board games 
Fires on the beach.  Oscar Meyers roasting. 
Singing campfire songs and telling stories with ghosts. 

Find this northern boy up on the great divide 
Among the mountain strong this heart of mine abides 
Find this northern boy by a mountain stream 
 Pickin' in the morning and still, living out the dream 
Still picking in the morning and still living out the dream 
My dog and I sailed west in a four door Chevy boat 
Feeling sorta like my Irish immigrant folks 
Heading off into the great unknowing 
With a few songs for singing and seeds for sowing 
We nestled in a cabin in the tall tall pines that had the worlds best smell when the sun would shine 
   Felt the pull and saw the star wheel turn, Some lessons I had to live to learn 
For forty years I have scribbled down songs, the pays not bad and the hours aren’t long    
It’s times like this that always made the most sense, sitting in a circle singing songs with friends 
So I would not change a minute of my traveling round, buckeye boy chases siren sound.   
Most fun wins has been my only goal, that and sleeping at night with a happy soul 
Born one morn in those Ohio hills

Grandad's Smile 

First light shining on my oils and brush’s 
Wondering what to do with this empty canvas 
Some days it seems that the thing most clear 
Is farthest back in my rear view mirror 

I just felt my grandad smile, haven’t felt that feeling in a long long while,
his strong hand upon my shoulder,
reassuring me now that I’m older.
Self made man, MarkTwain style,
and I just felt my grandad smile,I just felt those blue eyes smile 

Old tweed sport coat pockets full of treasure 
Peppermint drops butterscotch life savers 
Ten cent cigars and payday bars, his old yellow almanac his map to the stars 


I have missed my mark a few times that’s true 
Grateful and amazed that I made it on thru 
Golden rule and my childish ways. 
Making the most of everyday 

First light shining on my oils and brush’s ,wondering what to do with tui# empty canvas

For You 

If I was a rich man tell you what i’d do 
Put my money in a bag, give it all to you 
No I’m not a rich man but it ain’t cause I don’t try 
I’ll lasso down the moon and the stars from the midnight sky 

     For You. For you These things I’d do girl,
      these things I’d do for you 

If I was the sunrise tell you what I do 
Pour like honey on this world  make it sweet for you 
Meet you in the twilight just to hear you sigh 
Lasso down the moon and the stars from the midnight sky 
     For you. For you. These things I’d do girl ,
     these things I’d do for you 

If I was an eagle tell you what I’d do 
Soaring high above this world now that’s a lovely view 
From there we see the little things they make this big ball spin 
Lasso down the moon and the stars let’s begin to begin

    For you.  For you. These things I’d do girl ,
    these things I’d do for you 

If I was a rich man tell you what I’d do  I’d put my money in a bag and give it all to you

Yesterdays Road 

Kinda like that …woodsmoke on a summer evening 
Kinda like that ….song on a new born day 
Kinda like that ….flash in the pan that swiftly swirls away 
Kinda like that …always moving target 
Kinda like that. Should have know time would tell 
Kinda like that first word heard was fair thee well 
    Going going gone down yesterdays road 
    Going going gone down yesterdays road 
Kinda like that ….Friday or that weekend 
Kinda like that ….coffee on Sunday morn 
Kinda like that…gift  of being born 
Kinda like that …daffodil in springtime 
Kinda like that  …Color in the fall 
Kinda like that moment when we’re lost in the wonder of it all 
     Going going gone down yesterdays road 
Kinda like that. … New car smell 
Kinda like that.…Top down day 
Kinda like that … breath deep ,there are storm clouds on the way 
But Don’t you feel a change in the wind 
Do you sense a shift in time, aren't we finally tired now of the greedy leading the blind 
    Going going gone down yesterdays road.  ( When will they be ) 
    Going going gone down yesterday road 
Kinda like that

Spinning of the World 

Ma and lil Willy, we’re downtown getting silly 
when the winds of change started to blow 
First a lil slip. Losing of the grip Willy smiled at me and he said 
I like to spend a little time in the eye of the storm. 
It’s food for the head 

Oh. ..it’s the spinning of world, can you feel it,c an you feel the spinning of the world.
Like a twister its gonna blow, it’s gonna change what we know.  And we are not in Kansas anymore 
Willy grew up on a farm he was safe from life's harm but he just had to travel the world 
That boy always was a dreamer so he hopped aboard a steamer 
fell in and out of love with a blue eyed girl 
Left her somewhere on the streets of London and headed off to Martinique.   
Where the days were warm and the nights were long and the hurricanes unique 


Meanwhile back here on the streets of America homefires burnin' bright 
There’s a wind of change bending the tops of the trees and a hush in the evening twilight 
Down on the corner there’s an old man dancing  thinking back on the life that’s he’s lived. 
There’s a time to get in and a time to get out, a time to forget and a time to forgive and  blame it on the spinning of the world 

  ( chorus)

Voices Carry 

We might be dyin, but we’re not dead 
The light it might be amber, but it’s not turned red 
We might be falling but until we hit the ground 
I say we keep on singing, if only to hear the sound 
    Voices Carry, like a mighty wind 
    Let them bring us together, take us round this bend 
    Voices carr, so let em ring out clear as a bell, it’s life’s, slice of heaven,
    here in what’s beginning to look like hell 

I am slow like molasses but I will get er done 
Kinda like that tortoise travelling where the rabbits usually run 
Put my pants on one leg at a time 
Like my granddaddy told me. God loves the simple mind 


There will be more trouble coming somewhere round the bend 
But I do expect light for dancing. Til this tunnel ends 
And a day of reckoning for all those greedy minds 
I think it might be too late for hate if we just sing one right 


Joeys Shadow 

September rain. The never summer range, Just kept coming down 
Finally split Jim Town, the earth moved with a horrible sound and sent a shining soul back to the ground 

     Dance Joey dance, shadow on the water 
     Live on, mountain strong 
     Dance Joey dance shadow on the water lives on mountain strong 

Helicopters came, to take the townsfolks away,  gonna be toil and trouble before that town will sing 
When the got back down and had time to look around 
It was not just that lonely light Pole they found 
There by the water bent but breathing, joeys calico shadow and her bright eyed were shining on 


When I first moved to these mountain , this was my home town 
Here where the miners and the mystics and the mountain lions roamed around 
It’s a terrible beauty a cast iron sunlight and if you think you’re gonna meet and need your neighbors.  …you’d be right.


Some Brighter Day 

Song traveler reached for the moon in the sky 
In the forest the green leaves rustle 
Young mother pulls bright blue sheets off the back yard line 
Distant whistles on the wind 
Two trains travel down different tracks 
They come so close yet leave no trace 
It’s just that way for wheels of steel. But human hearts will be revealed 

         By Some brighter day when there’s time for loving 
         Some brighter day when the sun shines down 
         Some brighter day when the ones who say they know , 
         are no where to be found …let those dark clouds roll away, behold some brighter day 

From where the sun now stands he will fight no more 
Too many guns and too much dying 
You can think that strong or you can think that weak 
Hope it’s an easy call from where your standing 
Two trains  travel down different tracks 
They come so close yet leave no trace 
It’s just that way for wheels of steel, human hearts will be revealed 


Home fires burning in those eyes 
Stubborn, laughing, wild and dreaming 
Traveler heard her woodland song 
Found his heart already believin' 
Two trains travel down different tracks 
They come so close yet leave no trace 
It’s just that way for wheels of steel 
Human hearts will be revealed